Summer Safety Tips

Summer is here and we all love playing outdoors with a furry companions, but we also need to keep their safety in mine. Remember, we would never leave our children alone, unattended in the heat and the same should be true for our pets.

Jenny staying out of the sun.


Tip #1: Make sure to provide plenty of cool fresh water. In the heat and extreme sun our animals will dehydrate much the same way we do.

Tip #2: Provide shade for you pet so he/she can get out of the hot rays of the sun.

Tip #3: Going to the store? Don’t take your pet with you unless an adult or older child will remain in the car with him. Even with the windows left cracked a few inches the inside of your car can reach temperatures in excess of 104. Pets and children have been known to die from this practice.

Tip #4: Be careful when using your outdoor grill. Hot charcoal or even food can fall out and cause you pet harm. Remember, they are creatures that rely on instinct and us for their protection. They are going to dive after anything that smells like meat and it’s up to us to make sure they don’t suffer burns.

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